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so tired [Sep. 20th, 2006|10:19 pm]
Ive been working.. Ive been tired... Ive been... uhhhhhh... lol sorry ... promise that I will write in this thing.. between myspace and a mommys world.. I dont know what to do!!>. hee hee
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the fair was no fair.. it was WON-D-FUL [Sep. 11th, 2006|03:57 pm]
the fair was fun fun fun :) I had my kids riding the scrambler.. ha ha.. and they loved it! :) and allyson and Jewel (3 and 4) loved the ferris wheel too.. they have no fear!! haa haaaaaaa.. :) I rode the ferris whell that is caged so you can go upsidedown... myself... then the guy running says... I need someone so he tells this little 6 year old to get on with me.. so Im thinking to myself... man.. I cant go upside down too much then.... I was sad.. until we started.. she made me have the best ride ever on that thing. She knew how to work the bar in middle to make us go upsidedown and my oh my.. I was laughing so hard! I swear.. next year.. Im finding HER to get on with me again!... oh and guess what... I forgot the camera.. I was so POd!!!! there were so many picture perfect moments... but hell.. they are in my mind! :) Im still upset.. even now that I think about it.. but.. oh well. We had a blast and thats all that matters... I dont think Ive ever had so much fun at a fair. We even seen this guy with his dog doing tricks.. like dancing.. playing hide n seek.. and doing the moonwalk..lol.. it was soooo cute!!!!! So we spent about 100 bucks.. maybe more.. we really enjoyed ourselves... Im glad I got to go with my family! I cant wait till next year.

My daighter Jewel turns 5 on the 14th... hee hee... we are having a wonderful party for her this weekend! I hope the weather is nice :)
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(no subject) [Sep. 10th, 2006|11:58 am]
Open your playlist, pick songs that start with each letter of your username, but, the songs have to mean something to you. Don't just pick a song because it starts with a letter in your username. Post the list to your journal, if you want you can explain why the songs are important to you, but it's not required. Tag at least five other people to do the meme.

A- Again and again... Jewel
U- Under Pressure... artist unknown... It doesnt have the artist.. but its an 80s song
T- Truffles.. wheatus.. just a hilarious song it is!
U- No mores U songs :(
M- My Will.... dream (the song from InuYasha)
N- no N's... you know.. I dont have too many songs on here..lol

and therefore I tag..... msbeefly, twizted_clyde, Hung_up_my_guns, sisterre,and dklcba... although sadly.. I dont think they will see this or do this :( I SUCK !
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fair [Sep. 9th, 2006|11:02 pm]
Jason stayed up till about 10... so yay for him.. ha ha... he has to work tomorrow till like either noon or 3.. and if its untill 3, he wont be home till 4 so Im probly just going to take the girls down to the fair myself for a little bit.. since I can walk to it. so I cant wait! :)ill letcha ya'll know how it went... if you care..lol... and I know you DO! jk
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woooooooot [Sep. 9th, 2006|05:05 pm]
been a while since Ive last been on... I was reminded of that today..lol.. so here I am!

Ive been working.. thats half the reason why that is. And I get really tired. And the only time I have to be on here is when the babes are up.. and well.. when they hear the keyboard.. they really start acting up.. ha ha... they are doing it right now.

I did a lot of cleaning today. Yes indeedie I did. I thought since Jason had been cleaning a lot that I oughta have the house VERY clean when he gets home today from work. He had to work at 7... you konw whats funnyabout that.. he goes to bed as soon as he gets home.. 7pm.. because he has to work the next day at 7am... this is a rare thing he has to work on sunday and saturday... but hes such a baby. I wake up mon-fri at 5am... to be at work till 230 and then stay UP the rest of the day while cooking cleaning and taking care of the kids... but hes the one who gets to go to bed at 7 just because he worked at 7?!?! grrrr.. Ill guess Ill have to be talking to him about thath one..lol

we are supposed to go to the county fair tomorrow.. Good thing about that is that the fair grounds are a VERY short drive from my house that we wont have to eat THERE if we dont want to.. hee hee.. and also.. the kids will get in free and only have to pay 10 bucks to ride rides all day long... but since Jason has to work.. we wont get to go till way later.. and that IM sad about because I love fairs.. and walking around to see the animals and see my kids having a wonderful time. Its the best thing ever!

well.. Im off for now.. Im not proofreading this sucker.. so dont mind mistakes if there is n e.. which Im sure there is plenty. ha ha haaaa.
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getting excited!! [Aug. 27th, 2006|12:32 am]
So tomorrow is sunday (well actually today now..lol) and that makes one more day till my 1st day at work! I cant wait! I feel like I used to when I was going to school on the 1st day! I dont think Ill be able to fall asleep tomorrow night! thats why IM staying up late tonight so I can go to sleep at a good time tomorrow! ya ya yaaaaaay

Sadly.. Jason has to go to work tomorrow. He worked today from 7-7 and now he has to go in tomorrow from 7-3. I HATE IT.. but more money.. which we wont have to worry about too much anymore as soon as I start getting paid. We will actually be rich.. kind of..lol.. well.. at least we wont have to worry about being late on bills n e more because Ill make AT LEAST 1000 a month (thats figuring it being 7 an hour which it is like 7.50 or 7.80 I forget so thats really on a low end) Thats the mortgage payment and then some other bills.. and Jason make AT LEAST 500 a week.. so yea.. we might be just fine from here on out! and Im really happy now! WISH ME LUCK!

The puppy is doing well.. we did change the name one last time.. we changed it right away so I think she likes it because she actually responds to it... its Baby... I named her after Baby from house of 1000 corpses and devils rejects..lol.. GO ME! ha ha.. Im a dork. She is house trained already.. but she still likes to chew... but.. thats a puppy for ya!

Im also kind of excited about work because I hope there are some normal people there that I can make friends with. This is what Ive been waiting for. I have one friend here that I talk to on a regular basis.. so yea.. I need more.. because she worls a lot and is busy often. AND ILL GET MY LICENSE BACK! WOO HOO.. ok.. ill shush now...
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yay! [Aug. 24th, 2006|10:26 pm]
so hey.. I got a job finally ;) Im so happy. Its right across the street to at this factory! Ill work from 6am-2pm mon-fri starting at 7.50/hr SO yay!!!!!
just thought Id tell ya'll!
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woo hoo! [Aug. 19th, 2006|11:32 am]
well its been a while.. but... same old crap just a different day..lol besides that we are making a trip to my mommys today and staying the night. so we get to go midnight bowling with my friends and have fun.. i hope..lol.. it just sucks because I know that not everyone will be there on time.. so I dont know how Im going to work this. Because you pay per lane per hour I guess.. so I hope this works out the way that I want it to... if not.. then I guess it will just be to the bar!..lol hopefully it all works out. I invited a ton of people.. but I dont even know for sure whos a coming.. oh wells...

Jewel starts her 1st big day of Kindergaten monday! im excited and a little sad... because shes getting so big.. and here on sept 14.. she'll be 5!!!! OMG! and Allyson goes back to head start.

i applied for a job a couple of days ago at the factory across the street.. since the shift is from 6-2... its perfect.. n yes.. thats 6 a.m.lol... it will be hard but oh well.. i just pray that i get the job!!
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New Dog and the old man! [Aug. 5th, 2006|11:42 pm]
Well Im getting a puppy! Im so excited!!! Its sooo cute too! Its half bernard half german shepard.. so she will be big.. but thats good..
Her name now is Lacee... my brother named her.. but I want to change it. To Storm.. yea.. Storm Shadow..lol (shes 8 weeks old) no really.. thats what she will be ;)SHE WILL BE HERE monday when my parents come for thier visit!!!!

and I was hit on by some old 65 year old man.. like really hit on.. like enough to press sexual harrasment charges on the man! He was next door cutting down trees... and decided to hit on me hard core! I WAS GROSSED OUT! And he even had to nerve to stop by MY house today and say hello! NO NO NO! GO AWAY!!..lol

well... hmmm... thats it.. I cant wait for monday!!! PARENTS AND DOGGIE!!
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thats life... [Aug. 4th, 2006|12:18 am]
hola! I watched the nighbor kids again today. It wasnt so bad today... it seems to be worse when I watch them late at night because its tough trying to keep them quiet while mine are in bed (they hate going to sleep at my house..lol) I had to put Greyson (the 4year old neighbor) in the corner a few times for jitting my kids.. I kept telling her there is no hitting in my house.. but of course.. that didnt work..lol But I did trick her into eating dinner. I just made hotdogs since it was easy and cheap. She said she hated them.. so I told her that hotdogs make your brain grow for kindergarden! And of course.. she ate it then.. hee hee

Jason called me from work today (like everyday) and asked if he could go out to the bar.. so thats where he is right now.. booo.. I just wish I was asked out once. But nobody I know goes out really... well.. I only know TWO people here. I havnt been able to get out to meet people since Ive lived here (a little over a year now) but thats life...
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Im silly and all over the place [Aug. 2nd, 2006|10:59 pm]
Today = boring +
today = stressful as well+
tomorrow = x

what does x equal? who knows.. till tomorrow. Probly just the same.

So my cousin Larissa gave me her number... but for some reason Im afraid to call. I havnt talked to her in like 9 years.. and I have no idea what to say! I ALMOST called her a few moments ago... but it was like going to jump into a pool that you know is cold... you go to jump.. then just be4 you get to the edge.. you stop and turn back around. I think Im a big dork..lol Oh well.. someday. I think its because she is different then I am.. i think... she LOOKS different. I mean.. shes really pretty and other things. We DO like the same kind of music... but she LOOKS like the type of person that wouldnt have givin me the time of day in school. (no Im not talking relationship wise.. you sick people..lol) but really.. I guess.. I should call.. (*slaps self in face.. for shes ONLY my cousin!!!*) I cant belive this though.. Has anyone heard of Oingo Boingo? well her dad.. my uncle is the drummer in that band. He has also been in movies.. one I know of for sure is from dusk till dawn. (hes the drummer in the band at the titty bar..lol) and his band (which is no longer together because Danny Elfman was the singer and hes really busy these days as you all SHOULD know) did the song for the movie Wierd Science..lol. Someone HAS to know who im talkin about NOW!..lol maybe thats y Im afraid. I dont know.. or havnt in over 9 years.. talked to a famous family... I think thats my problem! (yay figured it out) oh well.. here goes nothing.. time to try to call???:::::10:45 p.m.
:::::::10:57 so yay.. I called her.. shes cool.. still.. too bad her phone was dying.. we couldve talked longer.. waaa... but shes a real trooper working two jobs!!!! Im happy now.. Im back in buisness with the fam! the reason y it was so long since the last I talked to them.. is because her mom and my dad arent on very great terms and havnt been in such a while... dont know dont care... but yay for me

Ill shut up now.. this is all too over the place!
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GO SEE CLERKS 2 !!!! [Aug. 1st, 2006|12:14 am]
man today.. sometimes I dont know why the stress finds me. But Taylor, my fiances daughter.. decided to start some.. I know she didnt MEAN to.. but she did.. The neighbor kids were over.. and when Greyson (the girl) decided to come over.. TAYLOR decided that she would go next door and tell their mom that I had said that she couldnt come over... so She (stephanie) yelled at her. She came back to me and told me what she said.. and what steph said... and I got mad. .I told her to get her ass over there and tell her that I didnt say ANYTHING of the sort.. so she did... OR SO I THOUGHT!!(she actually went over and told her that I changed my mind..lol) Until steph came over to yell at me for sending an 8 year old to do my dirty work.. and I had to yell just to stop her from talking.. to tell her what was going on... needless to say.. steph apologized and we laughed a little at the situation.. and I GROUNDED the hell out of Taylor for that! Shes now grounded for the rest of the week.. and I will have her doing chores all week. Today I had her clean the bathroom sink.. spot clean the kitchen floor ... folding clothes.. and cleaning the loving room .. 2times. Tomorrow.. shes be doing pretty much the same thing (besides the bathroom and kitchen floor..lol) but she knows shes in trouble for that. I told Jason what happened and he said it was ok that I grounded her. Tomorrow I think I may have her pulling my weeds in my little garden.. she needs to know she was bad. Nobody ever punished her in her life really. And I am. SHe loves me though. I think she respects me because Im teaching her manners and what not. Shes really grown since Ive been around.. and she thanks me all the time for being me. I love her and shes wonderful.. but what she did today.. was very uncalled for.

BESIDES that.. the day was alright.. I found my 2 cousins from Cali THANKS TO MYSPACE YET AGAIN!!!!!!!! So now I get to talk to them. Im happy. Its been 9 years or so since the last time I spoke to them! yay! :)

Me and Jason got to go out on sunday by the way. We had the lucj of his sister watching all the girls while we went out. Jasons friend asked ys to go see Clerks 2 (which rocked my world by the way) we went to Frickers (a wonderful little place to eat) and went to Mijer (spelling) and on the way there.. we see someone dressed up as the guitar player from Kiss walking along the side of the road yelling and screaming. It really was so funny... I had Jason turn back so I could get out of the car to take a picture! hee hee.. Ill post it once I get it on my computer. He posed for me and everything! Findlay is a crazy city I tell ya.. crazy! But good just the same !:)
GO SEE CLERKS 2!!! Holy moly is that a great movie. so good that I could even go BACK to the theater to watch it again! :)
that is all.. me and Jason plan on watching Mallrats (see hwat the movie did to us?..lol) we watched Chasing Amy lastnight too.. and I watched Clerks today.. MAN! well luvluvluv!
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Headaches [Jul. 28th, 2006|11:43 pm]
yea.. I have a headache. Its not bad.. but its still there. I have had it all day and Im sick of it. I seem to get these headaches all the time and its driving me nuts. I go through asprins like candy!! ;)

So I TRYED to make a deal with Stephanie (my neighbor). I have been watching her kids for money sometimes. This past time I told her she didnt have to pay me if she returned the favor. I thought that she could just come over to the house after the kids are asleep.. and me and Jason could go out and do something.. it would be easy that way... since her man Doug will be at thier house with thier kids... simple I thought. But she totally made it not. She said she would do it IF the girls went over to HER house.. I dont like that idea because of the baby. SHe doesnt have a crib over there and I would hate to have her go to sleep in one place.. and then get woke up to go home.. just plain dumb. But yea. Thats what she said.. then she had the nerve to say she could only do it for a couple hours.... which.. ok.. but when I watch her kids.. Im watching them for several hours... mostly 4 to 4 1/2 hours. I wish I could understand y she cant just come HERE.. sleep... or even play on the computer (shed like that because she doesnt have the internet at her house) I guess Ill just have to tell her tomorrow that I cant do it like that.. and see what she says. Maybe she'll just pay me the money instead. hmm.. maybe not either.
I mean shes cool... but I dont think she knows the meaning of returning the favor??? Oh well.. Ill still be nice to her and watch her kids. It doesnt bother me too much.
I am going to also start babysitting regularly. I plan on putting an ad in the paper. I need to bring in SOME money... and this is probly the only way I can do it... it will be stressful and very hard... but it needs to be done.

Oh this headache.....
I decided to be the good one and apologize to the ass dad by the way. yea.. I just felt that that would make him feel worse then me yelling at him... because that really didnt work.. so go me!
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ok need help .. again... [Jul. 27th, 2006|07:36 pm]
[~*Im feeling*~ |irateirate]

Ok ... well.. I need advice and to get my rant out.. in a second place for more advice.. please help

I out this next part on his myspace page... I had to talk to him and he decied to block me.. so I got mad... but oh well.. read on

I officially hate you Josh. Your a stuck up ass hole liar that needs his head put on straight instead of crooked.
You dont give a shit about anybody but your fucking self and need a rude awakening... like maybe go get a job so you can pay childsupport and let your children (well.. your OTHER children since you dont treat them like your children) take home the clothes that you have of thiers at your house... it only makes sense.
I tell people about how you are.. AND about how I am to you.. and they say I am fully justified to talk to you the way that I do.. so block me.. saddness runs through my bones (so not true) Youll never change and youll be stuck in the hell that you are currently in. (ashley is the only good thing that happened to you) yet you still cant seem to come to grounds and to be a man and take care of your kids. Allyson gets homesick.. you know why??????? hmmm.. Ill let you figure that one out for yourself. When.. and IF.. you take me to court for visitation (which you'll HAVE to do to see them again) I am going to request supervised visitation.. because.. well.. Im a bitch I guess. Like you said. And Im as proud as the proudest bitch could ever be. BITCHES UNITE and bring down the ass hole dads like Josh whos only a great Dad when he wants to be.. maybe for 2 weeks everyother month! woot.. way to go Josh.. your a true Father!
I think you deserve an award! Holy shit!
I try my damndest to have the girls there as much as possible.. and the only excuse you can come up with.. is that I moved.. thats why you dont want to take them. Maybe think of something a little better...
that is all... peace.. OH AND try calling your CHILDREN once in a fucking while you ungrateful bastard child!

OK.. now that thats out... who has the comments.??? needed please.. tell me IM a bitch.. or hes the bitch...

oh and some background on the story.... I have 2 children with this man (josh) and he doesnt want to take his kids when I ask. I thought great dads (which he IS HE SAYS) want thier kids often... but he doesnt. I dont get it really. There are times that he pretends to want them.. but really doesnt. I mean if my babies lived somewhere else.. Id take EVERY opportunity to take them for as long as possible.. WOULDNT YOU?

he doesnt have a job because he weasled his way into getting SSI (social security) for having a metal rod in his leg and being blind in one eye .. well.. he works fine when I see him.. he can have a job.. if he can paint a shed.. dig a hole... and do what he used to do (which he cant now because hex in another place now away from his friends) he can get a job! he just to lazy and when I was with him BE4 he was on SSI.. he couldnt hold a job for longer then 3 days.. because he couldnt stand being a worker. And now.. his kids dont get any money from him... I support them fully (unless they are over there the very few times that they are) He even has the nerve to tell me to grow up?! ha.. Im the one that takes care of my kids fully..(and will be working as well) ouch that hurt. I may come off as being a bitch.. but Ive let this go on for far too long.. and Im sick of his tactics and dumbness.

I wish you couldve seen the convo between me and him today. It was more or less him saying.. Oh the kids were here 3 weeks ago.. so I dont want them now.. Ill wait till next year (which he has to because they start school) so yea.. now you can probly see my point of view here.. right?

well.. im done yelling.. its taking up too much of my precious time
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Whats my profession? [Jul. 26th, 2006|12:45 pm]
Jason was sweet lastnight.. and wrote me a loooong letter on myspace. Telling me how sorry he is.. and explaining why he does all that he does.. and that he will try to stop. So that made me happy. He said it made him sad when I started to pack my things up... but he didnt want to show it to me.. he doesnt like to do that. So now I know why he does these things and he said that he will give me my privacy. Thank you! :)

And Sarah. I do have God in my life.. just not on the same level that you do. I may swear.. which is y I think you said that..lol... but Ive been trying NOT to.. so.. yea... you know.. its not really that easy. ;) and are you still sending me those tapes by chance? That would be wonderfuls! :) You did get my email with address and all right? let me know

Trying to go to sleep lastnight was not all that hard really with Jason not being there... I did have to have the TV on... but.. at least I didnt have the light on.. ha ha. Im a baby when it comes to having to sleep alone. And plus.. Im so used to holding Jason or him holding me as we fall asleep. Thats my favorite thing. Oh well.. Only one more night of this crap and it will all be back to normal... well.. besides tha fact that Jason will sleep till about 5 or so on thursday.. hee hee. but thats ok.. he works hard and deserves it.

I need to find a job that will let me work small hours and not on weekends. I cant work too much.. and nobody wants to hire someone who cant work 8 hour days 7 days a week. So that sucks. I might have to become a professional babysitter or something. Ill think about that.. ha ha.
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more on the story [Jul. 25th, 2006|11:26 pm]
well... all hell broke loose today about this all. We fought all day. He had to work 3rd today.. so hes not here now.. and we're still not 100% good on the whole subject. I told him I need my privacy... he apologized... but hes done that be4.. apologized and said he wont do it again... but always does... I think I shall try and maybe nap be4 he gets home from work so Im not so tired so we can both get what we want. I want so much for us not to argue... but I kow everyone does. We dont ever fight like this though. This time it was bad.. so bad that I was packing my shit up today. yea... that bad. And I was seriously going to make the neccesary calls to have a place to stay... yea... bad huh? but I was fed up! He akways has to be the winner.. and so do I.. thats the main problem with all this. We are both Scorpios.. hmpf! But I love him. I do find him highly attractive! And hes the best thing to happen to me! so hopefully all this will be worked out soon.. I want these thoughts out of my head!
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Privacy Problems [Jul. 25th, 2006|03:43 pm]
does anyone else have the problem of thier boyfriends or whatever reading and checking up on everything that they do online and off??? It seems that Jason does that to me often. Just lastnight he did it.. and he fought with me about stuff... for no reason. And even got into my livejournal and read the last post (well all) I know he'll read this too.. but this is my place for venting. He gets mad because he thinks I should not talk to ANYONE about my problems. Ok.. is this wrong?? or am I just crazy!?

thanks for replying msbeefly. Yes I am sexually attracted to him. Its just Im so tired and he doesnt seem to understand that.(its not like we dont ever have sex... I mean we have sex at least once a week if not more... besides that bad week..lol) Now this morning he had to pull out the "fine we dont have to have sex ever again and I wont get mad at you" shit. uhh.. I dont know how much longer I can take feeling like a child. I thought the internet was my place to unwind and be free to do what I want... but that seems to be quite untrue. I just dont get it really. Is a relationship supposed to be this way? I didnt think it was supposed to be. I change passwords to things.. but he ALWAYS finds his way in. I dont do these things to him... so why should he be able to do these things to me? he always asks me the problem of him looking through my stuff... but clearly the problem is my privacy is at 0% right now.
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need advice somewhere in this post... and a bit of encouragment! :) [Jul. 25th, 2006|12:35 am]
[~*Im feeling*~ |blahblah]

Well... I got to get in touch with an old friend! :) Thanks to myspace.. AGAIN!!! Andrea... she needs a friend right now so I think I came just in time. She seems to think that shes not doing well in life because shes single and doesnt want to have kids...... but shes fine.. shes only 24. She doesnt talk to many people n e more because they all live way too far away... so do I... but I do go to my old town often... like this sunday.. so shes coming to visit with me at my parents house.. yay! :)

Jason is going to work 3rd shift tomorrow and wed... the bad part... he wont be home to sleep in bed with me... the good part... he'll be home till 10 tomorrow and wed.... another thing.. he'll get to be off ALL DAY ON THURSDAY! but the bad.. he'll be sleeping most of the day.. and less moeny for us... poo.. why cant things just be gooooooood instead of having good and bad??..lol.. I guess you cant have good without bad... right?

Im having a problem.. I love Jason... I love him with all of my heart... but sexually... im just not ever in the mood.... I mean.. when we have sex I love it... but I can never get myself to want it be4 he has to "ask" Do you think thats because Im home all day with the kids? and him getting home at midnight.. i am tired... but I DO stay up late still... BUT AGAIN.. I still dont have the feeling or need for sex.. I mean.. I can seriously live without it. Problem... Jason is a man..lol Im a scorpio.. and Im supposed to want it as much as he does (hes scorpio too) but I just dont.. any advice out there?! I need to know if I have a problem... I do make Jason mad when I dont want to. well.. actually.. its not that I DONT WANT to.... its really hard to explain really. I do.. but I dont.. I feel like Im the only person out there that feels this way. I dont want to upset Jason anymore.. but also.. I dont want to do what I dont "feel" like doing.... I sound crazy.. poooooo

Well.. we went to a park sunday for a picinic. It was in Forest a town about 20 minutes away. Its my favorite park. Its so pretty there. The kids got bit up though.. Mosquitos were out bad and we didnt have spray! I feel so bad. But we had so much fun.. I dont think they even mided much! Me and Jason even teeter-totterd. That was fun.. I was laughing the entire time... I really needed that.. I LOVE teeter totters! Jason even teetered the girls.. it was cute!
Theres this really huge twisty slide too.... that the girls had fun wuth the last time we were there... but this time.. I guess they didnt like it too much. I can understand y... because it is such a tight twist.. that you end up switching directions by the time you get to the end of it! ha ha.. Oh well.. when they are older! :)
the baby enjoyed swinging and sliding! she went down the slode by herself for the 1st time.. with me and Jason at both ends... and she loved it.. I got that captured on video with my digi cam.. so yay! :) They didnt want to leave at all.. Elizabeth was very sad.. but we'll go back soon I hope! :) With mosquito spray this time!!!

well thats all for now.. I am tired tonight and I think that I might try and go to bed early. And also... me and Jason MIGHT quit smoking.. Its going to be hard because I have never quit. EVER. Ive been smoking for 10 years non stop now.. I dont know if I can do it.. but its worth a shot.. to better our health and the kids. luvluv
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MySpaCe Rox [Jul. 18th, 2006|11:08 pm]
Well.. I gave my cell number out to 3 people..lol.. go me.. ha ha.. I dont really have many people that I want to be able to CALL the cell.. Im a dork.

My tooth was hurting earlier today... I kinda wish I had some sort of insurance.. Id be able to go to the dentist if I did... boo hoo.. I guess Ill live! ;)

I got to talk to my old friend Cheri today. I called her to see if she was feeling better (she had told me she was sick online).. and she was sick as a dog.. poor woman!!!!! Me and Cheri were friends in school.. then lost touch in about 11th grade or so... and I hadnt talked to her in a loooong time. Then she got a myspace.. and I was happy! :) she gave me her number... but this is the 1st time I actually called (because I dont have good LD on my landline.. seeee this cell DOES come in handy!) SHE SO SOUNDS THE SAME! I miss her.. Im happy though because when I go into town on the 30th.. shes going to come and see me :) :) :) I get to meet her son and daughter and IM very happy and cant wait! :) :) :) :) Its been at least 7 years since I last saw her! THANKS TO MYSPACE!! PHEW! I knew myspace rocked! ha ha
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Dr [Jul. 18th, 2006|05:17 pm]
Jason went to the DR today... he checked him.. and said he was fine... but took blood so he could run a full test just to be sure that there isnt something seriously wrong. He said it was just a headache??? Didnt sound like a headache to me... Jason said he felt like crap.. and still felt like crap today too... I didnt think headaches last that long OR make your whole body ache. oh well

we got a cell phone yesterday. Its a prepaid one.. but its GOOOOOD the phone was about 80 bucks.. but... its verizon prepay.. and you get free nights and weekends! So thats sweet as heck! :) yay.. we finally have a cell.. ha ha! :) I used 3 bucks on there for a new ringtone _again and again by Jewel.. I seen it and HAD TO HAVE IT! Im a loser! (not really ha ha Jennifer)

well thats all for now... Ill probly be on later from some venting! :)
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